Grantee Spotlight: Miami City Ballet’s Ballet Bus

provided by Miami City Ballet


Ballet Bus students

Now in its third year, Ballet Bus is a Miami City Ballet outreach initiative designed to reach deep into the Miami-Dade County community to provide underserved children with a comprehensive, full-scholarship dance-training program as a gateway into the arts. The nine-month, thirty-four week program provides local children, ages 7-10, with everything they need to succeed and excel in one of the nation’s premier dance training academies: fully subsidized tuition, dance attire, family support and counseling, bus transportation to MCB Studios, and an invaluable opportunity to engage with critically acclaimed teachers and artists. Scholarship students are integrated into the MCB School student body, and each year each student will be evaluated and have the opportunity to move on to the next level of study. This long-term investment in each child will have a transformative impact on his/her future.


Ballet Bus is structured around proven studies that demonstrate how early exposure to the performing arts enhances young people’s academic achievement, social development and likelihood of graduation. Its mission is to provide skills-based training, personal development, and hope to children in our community who are most in need. The program is based on both merit and need – identifying talent and potential, and fostering a nurturing and supportive environment to encourage natural ability through classical training.

Ballet Bus students

Ballet Bus students

Miami City Ballet’s commitment to providing access to all young people, regardless of financial means and background, extends from the stage and into the community. Enrollment in MCB School allows both access to the very best classical ballet training, as well as a clear career path for gifted students. More than 50 percent of current dancers in the professional company are graduates of the School. This means MBC opens new avenues of both personal and professional development for each and every one of their 900 students each year. As one of the most diverse classical ballet companies in this country, the dancers of MCB and the students of MCB School are diversifying the face of classical ballet.



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