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As Florida’s state arts agency, the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs is proud to lead the Culture Builds Florida campaign. The Division promotes arts and culture as essential to quality of life for all Floridians. Arts and culture contribute to a vibrant and creative Florida. These diverse resources include arts in education, local arts agency, state service organization, theater, dance, folks arts, literature, media arts, museum, multidisciplinary, music, sponsor/presenter, and visual arts programs and projects. For more information about the Division and its programs, visit the official Division website at www.florida-arts.org.

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  1. Your Support will be GREATLY appreciated by ALL the artist involved!

    This year the Exquisite Corpse Games 2017 is on track to be as fun & creative as previous years, with one new addition, Poetry.

    2015, I call the year of speculation. No one knew what to expect. Total of 30 artists participated and 10 works of art were created. The turn out was very successful. Over 400 people attended the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. Unprecedented for a Thursday night .

    2016- Added Photography Based on popular demand. I also increased the number of players to a total of Forty five (45) talented artists, and 15 works of art were created. The unveiling was two days after the election and it turned out to be, ” just what the doctor ordered”. Once again the energy created by like minded creative people saved the night. It turned out to be another magical night. The magic showed itself through the cohesiveness of the pieces.

    2017 – Third Year, and a brand NEW game. This Year the Game Launch party is scheduled for July 20th, 2017 and will be at The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, as the unveiling will also be. The number of participating artists has also increased to 51 incredibly talented artists.

    We go through a thorough process selecting the artists. The game is not possible without them. It is an opportunity for them to create a work of art , just for ARTs sake! Create something completely different than what they would normally do.

    The exhibit unveiling is set for Thursday November 2, 2017.

    As I mentioned earlier, this year the new category addition is Poetry. Poetry will be spearheaded by Helen P Wallace, the city of St. Petersburg Poet Laureate. We have been able to secure some award winning Poets to maintain the quality of the magical, creative frequency which is the engine behind this game.

    We play the game in every category, as it has NEVER been played before. I feel very confident that by having Helen P Wallace assistance in this new category , it will secure the success of the outcome.

    So far every year we have started out with $0.00 dollars and end with $0.00 dollars. All the money is utilized to pay for all the material & services needed to play the game and keep it moving.

    The following three links are videos that will provide a better understanding of the Exquisite Corpse Game that we are playing.

    https://youtu.be/ZmqmZ4_bEdA ; https://youtu.be/8aaCIZglrZA ;https://youtu.be/3V9DSZ7tJsE

    Attached please find sponsorship/ad information. If you have any further questions, Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Ann Marie Cash Levasseur
    ©Exquisite Corpse Games
    The Game Keeper
    cell: 727-252-6528

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