A Day in the Life: Ultra Runner Steve Wheeler

by Jennifer Hoesing

This Friday, ultra marathon runner and real estate broker Steve Wheeler will take to the streets in an effort to raise money for arts education. Wheeler’s “Art to Architecture” run will take him 110 miles non-stop from Altamonte Springs to the University of Florida (UF) Fine Arts Building in Gainesville. Donations and pledges supporting the challenge will benefit arts programs in the Seminole County Schools, the UF College of Fine Arts and the UF School of Architecture.

Steve Wheeler. Photo submitted and used by permission of Steve Wheeler.

What inspired the 110-mile challenge to support the arts?

Steve’s daughter, Leslie Wheeler, is a recent suma cum laude graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in architecture. “Her success may not have been possible without the exceptional teachers and art programs available through the Seminole County Schools,” Steve said in a media release. Leslie and Steve also added that the exceptional professors at the University of Florida were critical to Leslie’s achievements.

Leslie Wheeler. Photo submitted and used by permission of Steve Wheeler.

The run will follow the path of Leslie’s schools: Spring Lake Elementary, Teague Middle School, Lake Brantley High School and the University of Florida. One additional stop is planned for Bear Lake Elementary School, where Steve’s sons attend school.

Steve and I exchanged emails about the Division’s belief that Culture Builds Florida. Steve told me culture is vital to Florida’s future. “Great things come from creativity,” he said. “Look at Apple and Facebook. Becoming a creative thinker yields new milestones. Build culture or build prisons.”

For more information about his “Art to Architecture” run, contact Steve at stevewheelerpa@earthlink.net.

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